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Image by Rai Vidanes


Hi, my name is Leah Kestenbaum and I'm the founder of Cheer Up Treats!


Last summer, I was going through a hard time and had a particularly challenging day. I was venting to a friend about it. It helped, and after I felt better, I went to do some errands. When I came home, I found sushi at my door with a note that said, I’m here with you. It gave me a lift, and it got me thinking how there are a lot of people going through difficult situations. We’re so limited in how we can help, but we can send them something and let them know we care about them.

What if I could send beautiful Shabbos desserts to people who needed cheering up? I thought. I was making fancy desserts for Shabbos anyway — miniatures, ice cream bars, or cupcakes, and I figured I’d make extra batches. It could encourage people to think of each other and help people feel loved and connected to others.

I wanted it to look respectable, like it came from a shop. I’m a marketing manager and graphic designer, so I created an ad, an application form, and a logo.

That first week, I didn’t think much about it. We put out an ad Tuesday night asking people if they knew of anyone who needed cheering up, and if they did, to fill out an application form. I told my husband that these things don’t make much of a bang when they first go out. I’m in the business world, and I know it usually takes a while to generate a buzz, but figured we’d give it a shot. It’s up to Hashem, not us.


Within the first hour, the emails were rolling in. We were shocked, and I started crying. I was overwhelmed by how many people needed a boost, and I was feeling their pain, but I was also so happy I was able to do something to help them.

Since that week, things have gotten pretty crazy and I still laugh out loud when I think about the fact that we now have branches and locations of Cheer Up Treats popping up all over the world.


I'm humbled to be a part of this movement and grateful that Hashem has made me the messenger in spreading love and care to people all over the world.

I hope you'll join me in spreading kindness by getting involved with Cheer Up Treats in some way - volunteer, donate, but most importantly, take advantage of this service and send treats to anyone you know that might be feeling down and would appreciate a little pick-me-up. 

Thanks for reading :)

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