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Thinking about starting a branch of Cheer Up Treats in your location and want to know how? Here's everything you need to know to get started. 

Getting Started

What You Will Need

  • An email that includes your location such as Once you set it up, please provide us with your username and password so we can set up your account to have an autoresponder and link it to your Google form 

  • A Google form - we will provide you with the template. You should read through it and change anything that needs to be changed and add/subtract questions as necessary. 

  • Gift/Treat Boxes (any type or linked below)

  • Labels ​(any type of linked below)

  • A printer 

How It Works

Cheer Up Treats works pretty simply through this system: 


People see an ad to send treats to someone -> they visit our website or email a Cheer Up Treats location -> they fill out the form -> you compile a list of addresses for deliveries -> you deliver the treats before Shabbos -> you go into Shabbos knowing you uplifted others ❤️

More Details


Helpful people to have working on this with you (just suggestions to make this easier): 

  • Someone responsible and organized for email management and responding 

  • Someone techy to help with any technology related issues 

  • People that are experienced and confident bakers that can make yummy baked goods that look good too (you can make a baking rotation and people can freeze things in advance so it doesn’t have to be stressful - if you get 8 people to bake that’s only 1 person baking every 2 months!) 

  • Someone who has a good eye for aesthetics to help label and package 

  • A delivery team


Keep a running list of the deliveries for each week with any information the delivery person might need to deliver the treats. Deliveries sometimes get confusing and long so any information that you can provide the delivery people with is really helpful. This can be: clear addresses (complete with any apartment numbers or directions for confusing areas), family name (some people might want to remain anonymous), number of people receiving treats (if you’re sending something like cupcakes and it varies from family to family) - it’s best to make sure people can fill this out in the form. You should specify which areas you deliver to in the form so people will know if you can send to their location. If you can make sure addresses are clear and straightforward before deliveries go out it will save you a lot of time in the long run, otherwise it’s a balagan (been there, done that.).


You can package the treats however you’d like, but if you want to keep with the branding to make it look professional, we'd love that. Click the download button below to download our logo, labels, and note template. You might also decide you want to write who the treats are from (who sent treats to each family). In our experience, it’s very appreciated when people know who sent treats to them (we're not looking to make people feel like a "nebuch"). You can also print the "from" label template to create a “from” label. Lastly, we usually put a small generic note inside the box printed on regular paper. Again, this is all totally optional but it adds a nice touch (especially the note)! Some branches include a poem, others stuff the box with tissue paper to make it look nicer. The creative piece is up to you, you can get as creative as you like - that's the fun part (well, the whole thing is the fun part)!


Because this is movement has been growing at such a rapid pace, we are not currently capable of covering the weekly expenses of running each location. You have 2 options for funding: either the person that bakes that week just covers the cost of the ingredients (if it’s a rotation it’s really not that much and maaser can definitely be used). Or, you can calculate the cost of ingredients the first week and figure out how much money you need to fund a week (ours in Israel is $50/week). Then, people begin asking you how they can be a part of this huge chessed (don't worry, they WILL want to be a part of it), you can tell them you're taking donations to cover costs. Have them send that amount of money to you and you can send it to the baker of that week to reimburse them for ingredient costs. 


Since we are a free chessed organization, we don't have the capability of of hiring a hashgacha,  at least at this time. That being said, if you do have the capability to do so in your location, feel free to do so. We are very careful to only use the accepted standard of hechsherim for our ingredients, and write that on the form and the "from" label. We advise you to do the same, and please inform any and all bakers of your kashrus standard. 

More Details

Ready to Change The World?

If you've read all of this and haven't been scared off yet (it sounds like a lot at the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it's really simple and straightforward), we want you as part of the Cheer Up Treats Universal Team! Fill out the form below to confirm with us that you're ready to begin, and we'll get you going as soon as we can. 

Let's help you start a branch!

*Please note: it takes us a while to respond to branch interests due to the  high volume of interests. If we don't respond after 1 month, please fill this out again to remind us :)

Thanks for submitting!

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