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The Cheer Up Treats forms can be filled out any time between Sunday and Thursday morning. By the Thursday night most locations are already confirming, baking, and delivering the treats and generally do not accept orders at that point. If you have a special circumstance, reach out to the location via email and see if they will accomodate your request. In general, it's best to fill out the form earlier in the week as the treats are given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.


On most weeks we can send treats to all the families submitted (given that we can deliver to that location). On weeks with overly high demand, we may give priority to families experiencing immediate crisis (i.e. medical crises etc.) and after that we try to accommodate as many other families as we possibly can.


We have volunteers that donate their time and energy to drive around town and make sure each family gets their treats before Shabbos. That said, please leave very clear address instructions on the form, and please double check that the family will be home for Shabbos before sending treats to them.


We try to minimize the time it takes to deliver treats and maximize the smoothness of the delivery process for the sake of both the volunteers and the recipients. If a volunteer can't find the address, he or she will not be able to deliver the treats and that makes us feel sad :( 

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