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Included in this box:


Home Sweet Home Fruit Plate 

This exquisite wooden salad and fruit platter adds a touch of warmth to the new home. It can be used to serve fruits, vegetable salads, and even small cubes of butter, making it not only durable and practical but also emanating a sense of elegance that brings a new and vibrant energy to the home. 


Housewarming Aromatherapy Candle 

This 200g osmanthus-scented aromatherapy candle can fill every corner of the home with a sweet fragrance, bringing warmth and comfort to the new homeowner.


6 Wooden Coasters 

6 housewarming gift coasters, engraved with 6 different blessings, giving you a warm feeling


2 Bear Towels


Wooden Beer Bottle Opener


Beautiful Packaging & Greeting Card ​​​​​​​



  • Delivery costs are included in the price. Delivery is available throughtout Jerusalem.


    Please note our gift boxes take up to 14 days for the items to be packaged, prepared, shipped, and delivered.

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